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About Us

We at Parry India, as an organization, have always set high standards in Customer Service & Technological Innovation. We have a team of professionals ready for assistance round the clock.

Parry India is a division of Parry Group. We are serving the market since 1987 and are leading manufacturers of a vast range of engineering components used in Metro Rail, Railways, Aerospace, Automobiles, White Goods Industry, Wildlife control, etc.

Bird flight diverter is one of our state of the art product which helps to avoid avian accidents with transmission lines. The product range of our power transmission safety division includes:-

- Bird Diverter

- Bird Marker

- Illuminating Bird Marker

- Conductor Cover

- Insulator pin cover etc.

Since our inception, we are consistently focusing on quality and working for the satisfaction of our customers.  Bird deflectors/  bird reflector devices are used to tipoff birds about the presence of Power/transmission lines that come in the flight path of avian species.

Basically bird diverter devices (bird diverter, bird marker, bird flight diverter, illuminating bird marker) are designed to enhance power line visibility,  so that risk of bird collision with wires could be averted.

At Parry India, every member is devoted to their responsibility and work as a team to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling their needs /requirements.