Model: "Bird Flight Diverter"

When was the last time you saw a flock of birds soaring high, gracing the sky with their bright feathers? Long gone sight, right?


India is blessed with geographical diversity and is a home for most of the Siberian birds such as Greater Flamingo, Siberian Cranes, and Demoiselle Crane among others. These beautiful birds migrate to India every year in search of food, breeding, and nesting.


However, the sky is no longer their secured habitat and instead has become a death trap for them. Our country has become rather rich in a higher number of places with power lines running above.


While hunting and destruction of habitat continue to be the top reasons behind the extinction of most of the local and migratory birds, Great Indian Buster (GIB) is almost extinct. Communication towers and power transmission towers kill about 6.8 million birds per year across the world. Disturbing!


Is there a way to save the birds from the danger of overhead power lines? Yes. What? Bird flight diverter!


Installing bird diverter avoid avians coming in contact with power and transmission lines. The product is designed with the purpose to make overhead lines and gridded structures visible to birds and eliminate the risk of collision, thereby reducing mortality.


Bird flight diverter is a device with reflectors which moves with wind pressure. It is mounted on the conductor using a strong snap clamp. They are designed in a way such that they reflect light while rotating.


These diverters do work. Also known as Dynamic Bird Diverter & Power Line Bird Diverter, this device glows in the dark, spins, reflects light to get birds’ attention from a greater distance, and guides them to veer away from the power lines. Some of its key features include:


  • Large size warning disk

  • Corrosion-free hardware

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Maintenance-free

  • Light-weight

  • Glows in dark

  • Minimal wind resistance

  • Reflects Sun & Moonlight

  • Better grip on the conductor

  • Clamp made of engineering composite polymer – nonconductive and high-temperature deflection material.


Installing a firefly bird diverter on power lines in Delhi makes the power line look bigger. This gives enough time and more opportunity for the birds to change direction and hence save their life as well as the power line. Parry India is a leading bird flight diverter manufacturer in India.


Our winged friends need our help! Though we humans have deprived them of natural wilderness, it’s high time we act responsibly to save their lives.


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