Model: " BirdMark - Line Marker "

Urbanization and human-made structures are the root causes of the dwindling number of sparrows - not just sparrows, but many other species of birds have met their end on the power lines.


According to the studies, ‘Tens of millions of flamingos, pelicans, locals and other migratory birds are being killed across the world when they fly into power lines.’


Most of the time, birds fly into power lines accidentally because they don’t see them at all or it gets too late to react. The latter is the most common concern for large species that are unable to shift their path quickly.


We, at Parry India, have addressed this problem with the development of BIRD MARKER/Bird Diverter on Transmission Lines to prevent such collisions and save those innocent lives.


The implementation of BirdMark - line marker in India is rapidly being brought into the effect. The placement of bird flight diverters in India avoids avian accidents with power and transmission lines. We are a leading Bird Diverter Manufacturer. These Bird Diverters are easy to install.

Therefore, Increasing power/transmission line visibility by highlighting them with bird diverter or bird marker in Delhi is the most feasible option to reduce such collision-generated casualties without the need to tackle the problem of wires by removing them or making them underground.


Many studies and some literature reviews from across the world have proved that installing bird diverters on power lines has drastically reduced the collision rates or threatening flight behavior in avians.


The extent of this problem is quite severe and NOW is the time to take quick action! Help these chirpy friends of yours to avoid their collisions with power lines and save their life. Follow the link to buy the product or contact us.