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                       WELCOME TO PARRY INDIA     


Parry Group is serving the market since 1987. We, at Parry India, as an organization, have always set high standards in Customer Service & Technological Innovation. We have a team of professionals ready for assistance round the clock.

Our quality, timely delivery, and prompt service have always won customer's smiles. Parry India is aware of the importance of birds and their presence.  Our products help wildlife and avian species, live in harmony with humans. ​

What is a Bird Diverter or Bird Marker?

A bird diverter or bird flight diverter is a device that helps avoid avian accidents and fatalities with transmission or power lines. These devices are attached to power /transmission wires. We manufacture these bird diverters and bird markers. These devices are visible from a great distance and are easy to install.

Our products (Reflective Bird Diverter, BirdMark Line Marker, Illuminating Bird Marker, Bird Reflector/ Deflector, Bird Flapper ) have low and competitive prices which makes our products affordable for the infrastructure owners and saves wildlife. Bird Flight Diverter is widely used by power and communication utility companies.

Parry India has a team of well trained and experienced professionals. We take our customers on priority and value them.

Depending on the utility, we have developed various models of bird diverters. Salient features of our bird diverter are: -

- Cost-effective

- Less Installation time

- Made with durable polymer

- Corrosion-free hardware

- Reflects moon and sunlight

- Stable grip on the conductor

- Emits UV lights

- Light Weight (less than 1kg)

- Easy to install

- Rugged Construction

- Can withstand extreme weather conditions

Why Choose Parry India ?

Low Prices: very competitive prices are offered  at Parry India.

Customer Support – We care about our customers and try to make your experience better with us . We are available 24/7 for any questions and problems you may have.​

Illuminating Bird Diverter
 BirdMark - Line Marker
  Bird Flight Diverter