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                                                              Model: " Illuminating Bird Diverter "

Illuminating Dird Diverter is a great solution that helps to avoid the casualty which migratory birds face due to power and transmission lines, as almost one billion birds across the globe fatally collide with or are electrocuted by power lines annually. The LED light in this marker which helps reflect the decals on it and can be seen clearly in foggy weather and at nighttime.

We, at Parry India, are the best LED/Aviation light bird diverter manufacturers lighting the path of the birds with the placement of illuminating bird marker in India, designed with love for our chirpy friends.


Illuminating the power lines with LED aviation light bird diverter makes it easier for the birds to see the transmission lines and divert their flight.


The product has been designed using modern technology in our attempt to avoid the avian collision.

Our team of experts is devoted to manufacturing reliable and durable bird markers with long-wavelength and geomagnetic orientation to make nearly any power line visible all day long and reduce bird collision.


The placement of illuminating bird marker in India is a sensible, cost-effective, and successful contribution to the protection of wild birds.


The transmission lines equipped and illuminated with Night Flasher significantly minimize the risk of avian accidents.

This device is installed at a distance of a few meters so that they are visible to birds. The markers on the transmission towers and wires and conductors save the birds from colliding with them.

We are well-stocked with illuminated bird diverters as well as other devices such as aviation bird light diverter and power line bird diverter. Buy now and join hands with us to reduce mortality risk to avian species. For any inquiry or to order you can contact us.